Production in Anikya

Biscuit Lining Coal Contouring Coloring Glazing Baking Iznik Tile
01  80% of semi-precious metal Quartz is used in  biscuit, lining and glaze layers of our İznik Tile.
02 Quartz is pulverized and powdered by grinding.
03 Quartz is made into dough by the addition of dust, clay and glaze. The obtained tile clams are spread by hand by patatten and left to dry.
04 Dried biscuit is grated in the counter and smoothed. It is left to natural dry for 15 - 20 days after the chamfer is sanded on the edge of the biscuit.
05 The biscuit is hand-primed to obtain a homogenous surface. After waiting seven days, the biscuit is killed.
06 On the cooked biscuit, the hand needle pattern is transferred by passing coal dust through the holes.
07 The pattern is fixed on the biscuit by contouring.
08 Contoured patterns are colored with glaze dyes derived from metal oxides.
09 The colored tile is glazed.
10 The glazed tile is baked for the last time at 950 degrees. It becomes ready for decoration with its traditional colors and all its vitality.